Surveys / tree reports

Tree surveys and reports are important to ensure that the trees under your stewardship are healthy and do not pose a risk to anybody. Legally, the owner of any property that has trees on it has to take responsibility for them. If an incident were to happen involving the owners trees, and appropriate measures had not been taken to secure them, the owner would be liable for any damages.

The first step to take appropriate measures to make your trees secure is to have them surveyed by a qualified arborist. This can be conducted from the ground or it can be done aerially. A survey from the ground is usually done first with the possibility of the resulting report advising an aerial survey. After either survey, the arborist will then write a report with the trees listed on it and recommended work to be applied to them.

At Arborez, we can conduct either a ground or aerial survey which will result in a concise and accurate report leaving you with the knowledge of the quality of your trees and what work is required. A survey can sometimes show that no work or very little is required but the report will then give you peace of mind and can be used for insurance purposes.