Some companies tend to focus on working on existing trees but we have a strong belief that it is just as important to encourage new growth for future generations. This is part of the reason why we offer a planting service. In the past we have done anything from one tree to hundreds. Trees are an important addition to a landscape and increase the quality of life to those around them. They also increase the value of property.

It is not just singular or multiple trees that we plant but we also plant hedges and in doing so, could increase your security, privacy or aesthetic and value of property.

Another key aspect of planting is that it helps to reduce the risk of flooding. This is due to a combination of the plants roots breaking up the soil, making it easier for water to drain through and the plants themselves sucking up any moisture. In the modern age, climate change is an ever increasing issue and a side effect is inevitably, flooding. With planting you could help decrease pollution as well as flooding.

When applying for work to be carried out on a protected tree, planting replacement trees could be the factor that encourages the local planning authorities to allow the work to be carried out.